Nerdy, Gifted, & Saved

NerdyGiftedSaved blog post picIn my flesh, I am all kinds of weird. From the time that I was just three years old, I’ve always felt that I was different. Nothing special or anything, but most definitely different than my younger sisters and most of my peers. My senses are keen, oftentimes causing hypersensitivity; I love order and routine and despise change. I love hard and am extremely emotional. I HAVE to feed my brain with new knowledge and I hate being wrong. I enjoy British Literature and the many facets of the human mind. I hate wet feet and sticky hands. I don’t enjoy writing, but I apparently do it well. I hate losing people and things. I love psychology and sociology, and problem-solving. Certain textures grind my gears, and my head is huge…but in the cute, Tweety Bird kind of way :-).  Continue reading “Nerdy, Gifted, & Saved”

Humility at its Finest

Another moment in life when God allows a glimpse of your weakness. Rather, the depth of your weakness. I had a verse come full circle for me. To background the verse in my own life: I’ve identified with these words in I Corinthians 13, “For we know in part and we prophesy in part, but when […]

via Full Circle — It’s Hann ‘ah-clock!

The Lord sure has a funny way of teaching us lessons regarding humility. It isn’t the easiest of lessons, but it can prevent a world of let-downs and hurt. Lots of people wonder why they go through some of the situations that they go through, or why the Lord allows certain things to confront them. Could it be that he wants to hold up a mirror to bid you to take a closer look at that small speck on your spirit that is causing you to hurt others, to communicate harshly, to run out of patience, to storm out in anger, or to give up in only the beginning. For some of us, using the things or persons we love are the ways in which He chooses to reveal these specs to us; it’s the only way we’ll listen or pay attention or recognize it.  Continue reading “Humility at its Finest”

Rising Entrepreneur, BIG faith

BIG Faith blog picBecoming a business owner has always been a goal of mine, but has always seemed so far away from my grasp, until now. Though nothing is wrong with the traditional 9 to 5 working situation, being my own boss (not excluding God, my true CEO) just works better for the purpose that I know the Lord has called me to. Of course being a young adult, black, female doesn’t really help in the transition from being corporate employed to self-employed, but being an active Christian seems to work out perfectly. For me, faith isn’t just tightly closed eyes and the crossing of one’s fingers wishing upon a shooting star; faith for me is an active lifestyle mode. Having no faith yields complacency, anxiety, and no results, but even a little faith can move a mountain of an obstacle in your situation. One of the elders from my church (WOG!!! woop woop!!! a-hem :-)) loves to say “You can never serve or seek the Lord and get nothing.” I love that saying because it basically means that as long as you stay with God and grope after him, you will most assuredly be rewarded in some way. Of course rewards aren’t always materialistic in nature (change your thinking), but who cares since God gives THE BEST gifts ever anyway, be it materialistic provision or intangible peace. Continue reading “Rising Entrepreneur, BIG faith”

Season Change

When you hear of seasons changing, you immediately think of Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall/Autumn right? Well, though Autumn is my fave and is pure awesomeness, I’m talking about spiritual season change. Ever felt like the entire atmosphere in your home changed? I mean between yesterday and today type of turn-around. It almost feels like you’re in a completely different place; the lighting in the room seems to strike your retina differently, the once normal room temperature hits the hairs on your skin differently, and even your own temperament feels completely altered overnight. Well all of that happened to me today, though not for the first time. I call this a spiritual season change. For me, it marks the point at which alterations in the Spirit realm begin to manifest themselves in the natural. I…love it! Continue reading “Season Change”

My First LOVE Story


Okay so picture it: Kingstree, SC 1999 LOL. It was a Sunday morning when He first beckoned my heart. I grew up in a traditional baptist church in the southern ‘lowcountry’. A place signified by its cool coast breeze and great mossy oaks, iced sweet tea and grandma’s beef stew, and of course traditional Sunday mornings. My mom made sure my sisters and I never missed a Sunday and Sunday school was commonplace for me. This is the way LOVE orchestrated His introduction to me and brought purpose into my mundane life, and I am forever grateful.  Continue reading “My First LOVE Story”